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Phyno affected my career positively–RITA EDMOND


Out of the blue, Rita Edmond popped into the limelight after emails linking her romantically to rave-of-the-moment rapper, Phyno, sur­faced. Ever since, her world has not been the same. In this chat with NKECHI CHIMA, the singer opens up on how the experience has transformed her career. Excerpts:

How did you become a singer?

I have always had a passion for music. Despite the fact that I studied Industrial Chemistry, my vision in life has always been to become a singer and I have no regrets so far.

When exactly did you start your music career?

I have been singing from my childhood. Though, it might sound funny, talent knows no age barrier. It all started in my church. From the children’s choir I graduated to the adult choir. When I got into the university I started writing my own songs. After graduation in 2012, I recorded my first song entitled, Tick Talk and it came out fantastic; it enjoyed massive airplay nationwide. And I also recorded Crazy About You, which also made relative impact.

Have you released an album yet?

I haven’t released an album yet; it is still in progress. But I have released three offi­cial singles entitled, Tick Talk, Crazy About You, and Lovy Lovy, my latest single.

What is Lovy Lovy all about?

Lovy Lovy is a highlife love song; it is all about a girl’s state of mind in a relationship. Most people may assume the song was released due to the scandal between Phyno and myself because I mentioned him in the song, but it has little to do with it. Basically, it is a situation where a girl is in love with a guy but does not know how to express it.

You just returned from a radio tour of the US, what was your experience like?

This has been one of the most enjoyable moments in my career because beyond all expectations, fans in the US accepted me so passionately; they just loved my music and rallied round to ensure my radio tour in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore Maryland and Washington was a huge success.

I absolutely enjoyed moving from state to state, and most importantly, fans’ apprecialand and Washington was a huge success. tion after my show in downtown Baltimore on September 4 was exceptionally awesome! Generally, the experience was great and I look forward to having more massive shows in America. ­

Are you signed under any record label?

Yes, I am on Bigspin Entertainment, my management outfit and record label.

How would you categorise your kind of music?

I am versatile but I sing more of afropop which I infuse into our traditional sound. Basically, I sing different genre of music like reggae, R&B and highlife; Lovy Lovy is a highlife song. You can also call me a pop sensation.

You sing so much about love and relationships, have you been in love before?

I have been in love and it feels good to be in love. However, I sing about love because it is a beautiful thing. You cannot over-emphasize the subject of love; it makes the world go round. If there is no love in the world, there would be crisis.

Which of our musicians do you wish to do collabo with in no distant time?

I wish to do collabos with Flavour, Tuface Idibia, Omawunmi, Tiwa Savage and Waje. I love Waje’s voice range; her vocal ability is amazing and classy. Internationally, I desire a collabo with Rihanna; I love her a lot; she inspires me a great deal.

What are you working on pres­ently?

I have been spending a lot of time in the studio, thumbs up to Bigspin Entertainment. I am working on a new single entitled, Bass Guitar, which will drop soon and it promises to be great; it is going to be a party banger!

How did the pregnancy rumour for Phyno affect you and how did you cope with it?

The Phyno saga actually hit me like a ton of bricks! I had no idea where the story came from. It was so embarrassing. People kept calling to ask if I was actually pregnant for Phyno. The news was everywhere. It went viral on social media. Honestly, I laughed when the first person mentioned it. I thought it was just a joke until she told me it was a hot item in the news. I was shocked when I saw my picture and Phyno’s on social media stating the heartbreaking rumour. I actually cried because of the dirt on my image as a young lady. But I have put it behind me and moved on.

Are you saying you were not in any relationship with Phyno?

I never dated Phyno and I don’t intend to go into a romantic relationship with him. But, he is a nice and handsome guy even if I have a crush on him; it will be because of his style of music.

What if he decides to go into a relationship with you?

Let him come and ask me out then we will find out (laughter).

How did that rumour transform your career?

It affected my career positively. People were happy because Phyno is loved by many. In fact, I won’t mince words be­cause the experience opened doors for me. Wherever I go, before I say Jackie Robinson, people ask ‘Are you Rita Edmond, Phyno’s girlfriend?’ And I tell them that no, I am Rita Edmond but I am not dating Phyno. They give me preferential treatment where­ever I go. It has actually helped me to make meaningful friendships in the entertainment industry.

Who is the guy after your heart?

Honestly, I have someone in my life but it is my private life. Most people have been asking on social media if the guy in the video of Lovy Lovy is my man. Let me state here categorically that he is not my boyfriend but a model.

What is your ideal man like?

(Smiles) My ideal man has to be good looking, hardwork­ing, should have a clear, smooth skin and a sense of purpose, and above all, he must be God fearing.

You are quite attractive, are you also a model?

I was a profes­sional model but my musical career has taking much of my time and attention. But, if you give me a modelling job, I will grace the deal   (Laughter).

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